For you as Private client 


We are often approached by patients and fellow-sufferers who come across International Pharmacy during their search for (information about) alternative treatment methods and medicines.  


Unlicensed medicines

Our mission is firstly to improve the quality of life for people with a certain disease or chronic medical disorder/complaint. We do so by for example focusing on innovative and unlicensed medicines and treatments for cancer.  

Unlicensed does not mean that these medicines are prohibited.  These medicines may solely be delivered for applications in special/extraordinary situations.  


Special situations 

Can be one of the following situations:

- You have used the same medicine for years and it is suddenly no longer available. You do not respond well to the new medication. International Pharmacy can always deliver the old (in the meanwhile no longer licensed) medicine. Which implies no extra costs for you;

· You cannot tolerate a certain (regular) medicine. Then you qualify for an alternative medicine that has the same effect;  

· It is a life-threatening situation.

International Pharmacy has specialised in the quick delivery of special medicines and has almost been working for 15 years with all academic hospitals in the Benelux and beyond.  

The condition is that the request is made by your doctor or specialist and that there is no adequate licensed alternative available.   


What can we do for you?   

We believe that everyone is entitled to the best possible care and treatment and that all available means should be used to achieve this.  

Are you looking for a certain type of medicine? Talk about it with your attending physician. Ask your physician to contact International Pharmacy. Most physicians, hospitals and pharmacists are familiar with our unique service.  

Only your physician/pharmacist is authorised to place on order on the basis of his/her expertise and professional responsibility.